buffet restaurant trend increasing in Bangladesh_

Why is the buffet restaurant trend increasing in Bangladesh?

A good variety of food at better prices. The same spread would cost a lot more in a-la-carte

The price is fixed…need not worry about someone going overboard with expensive seafood, etc.

No matter how much you eat, the restaurant makes money as it’s a fixed rate for all ( many people don’t have non-veg/seafood) ( as people become health conscious, many tend to limit food intake so overall the restaurant has a good profit)

Charges for drinks are extra and good margins are kept in that menu

Most people just eat starters and deserts….plus restaurants hand out chaat / pizza / pasta that fill your stomach as well.

Buffets are getting popular because

  1. All types of food from chats to desserts are available in one place
  2. The profit margin is more as compared to individual items looking at one’s capacity to digest all the food
  3. In the rush to savour the food, guests would not be able to distinguish the fresh to stale food

It is a way to keep guests happy yet make profits by having a certain calculated formula for combinations of low priced and high priced dishes in the buffet.